Solutions & Repairs

We offer the following services to help our customers operations run smoothly.


We look to offer solutions on all manner of mechanical applications.

We can advise on whether not a motor gearbox can be repaired, or price and availability on a new unit, if it’s uneconomical to repair, or it could be removing a hard to move sprocket from a shaft

Whatever your application, we look to offer help in any way we can.

Consignment Stock

We can put a stock of fixings, fastenings, PPE or whatever consumables you require on your premises, so you have them handy without paying up front and awaiting delivery.

We will co-ordinate and monitor stock levels to make sure the customer is satisfied with the service.

On Site Visit

An onsite visit allows us to assess and advise a solution for our customer’s needs.

We work in partnership with a variety of field experts for different applications.

Hose Assembly

We make hoses to the customer’s requirements on site, so when a hose breaks we can offer a rapid response.

Please contact: with any enquiry